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Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby YPF

Just a wee bit of yarn to show today. Believe it or not, I've been sticking to my yarn diet so I don't have much to show these days but...I'm going to my third baby shower this year for a co-worker and last night at Knit Night I bought 3 balls of this:

Ugh, crappy lighting. It's overcast in my 'hood today.

Trendsetter Yarns
Scoubi Du
50% cotton 50% acrylic
50gr. 95 yards

I know I said I bought 3 and there are only 2 in the photo but the 3rd ball's already cast on for the baby kimono from Mason Dixon.
This is a totally last minute baby gift rush job--I didn't really intend to knit something but then, after you've knit for the first 2 babies you kinda become known as "the Knitter" so I think it's now expected and I didn't want the 3rd mother to think that I didn't care (even though we don't work that closely together) and I don't even know if she'd appreciate or even want a handknitted gift but.......Oh the pressure...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WIP Wednesday

First off, to answer a question from question on my last post, my purse weighs 3.76 pounds (without the bottled water). According to Bodybuilding.com, the average woman's purse weighs 10 pounds (can that be true??)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch--I've blocked a sweater!

Yup, the Everyday Cardigan is on the blocking board. Lucky for me it's going to be in the 90's tomorrow so it should be dry in no time. Then I can seam it together and add the button bands and neck band and have it ready for when it cools down to the high 70's.

Also working on two Hats for Alex:

The one on the left is made from some Lion Brand microspun. I have 6 extra skeins of this yarn so if you'd like to knit some hats for Alex, email me, PM me on Knitty or Ravelry and I'll send you a skein on me. I think you can get 2 caps per skein so that would mean 12 more hats for a very good cause.

I'm also working on some secret socks for my Sock Swap buddy, Zknitter. I've hidden them in a in a just- received- in-the- mail Momma Monkey bag. (I'm addicted to these bags)

In non-WIP news, I received this adorable yarn ball the other day from Bezzie's uber hot Random Meanderthings etsy shop sent by my friend Muggle Friend K. That' s right. Her shop is sooooo hot that even non knitters take note.

And I just had to order MORE...

So for you Bezzie, a Brooklyn Tweed knock off shot:

Wait...what's the charm on the end? Toss the fake family photo that came inside and swap, the Patron Saint of Random Meanderings herself:

And I have the ultimate rear view mirror charm. With her to protect me, I'll avoid A-hole drivers everywhere, find every great garage sale in a 50 mile radius and always score a prime parking spot outside the LYS.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spill Your (Purse) Guts

This week's Blogstalking 2 assignment: Show us your purse guts.

I have a decent collection of purses in my closet but I'm too lazy to switch purses from day to day so I normally carry a big black one. I picked it up and dumped it on the table and found:
  1. 1 wallet (which can grow to George Costanza size if left unchecked)
  2. empty sunglasses case
  3. pair of sunglasses (not in case)
  4. checkbook (I rarely write checks so I'm not sure why it's here)
  5. matching tissue pouch (looking a little grungy these days)
  6. Excedrin & Advil (in the best little Tupperware party freebie ever)
  7. open bottle of water
  8. camera memory card
  9. Cinnamon flavored mints
  10. green mesh zip bag with band aids, hand sanitizer, nail file and hand cream
  11. silver mesh zip bag with 2 lipsticks and face powder (note: 1 lipstick is empty and was my favorite color which has been discontinued. Have no idea why I'm holding on other than I'm in denial)
  12. employee badge (normally on the front seat of my car)
  13. business card holder with business cards inside
  14. 2 gift certificates I've been carrying around since December 2006: One $20 Westfield mall certificates and a Starbucks card with unknown amount
  15. nail shop appt. card reminder for an appt. 2 weeks ago, crumpled
  16. 6 pens (I'm a pen klepto-I covet Dr. office pens that say things like "Xanax")
  17. Passport (In case I need to leave the country on a moment's notice)
  18. Hello Kitty train pass holder with BART tickets inside
  19. used tissue (euw!)
  20. Jo-Ann's receipt
  21. Blackberry device
  22. Bluetooth headset device
  23. instructions on how to use bluetooth device
  24. rubber ear things for the bluetooth device that don't fit
  25. 2 hair bands
  26. empty Imodium blister pack & some cookie crumbs
  27. $1.72 in loose change

And of course, the most important thing of all:

Momma Monkey Sock bag, needles & yarn!

The only thing about knitting I regret is not learning it sooner. Having a knitting bag means never being bored in the [ airport, waiting room, movies, conference call] again.

"Oh geez, if this blog gets any more boring, I'm outta here. Why couldn't I have been adopted by Crazy Aunt Purl?"


Who Are You?

I signed up for a webring called Blogstalking 2: The Reawakening and, frankly I'm relieved since my blog was about to be awarded the Your Blog Sucks Girl Blogger award.

For the none of you who may not know, each week we receive an "assignment" to post about on our blog. I'm already a week behind so I guess I can add "slacker" to the list below.

In order of appearance, I'm a:
  1. Daughter
  2. Sister
  3. Friend
  4. Alone, but not lonely
  5. Theater goer
  6. Slacker Book Club member
  7. Volunteer (but not as often as I'd like)
  8. Crazy Cat Lady
  9. Knitter
  10. TBD


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Knitting Retreat 2007

I spent a wonderful weekend with LCK and Blogless Friend B away at a Skein Lane Studio Knitting Retreat featuring a workshop taught by the lovely Chris Bylsma.

The retreat was held at the Marconi Conference Center located off Tomales Bay near Pt. Reyes. The weather was perfect--not too hot, not too cold.

Of course, on the way we made a detour to a yarn store:

Knitterly, in Petaluma. If I had a yarn store, I'd want it to look a lot like this store. I forgot to take photos inside but the shop is a fabulous mix of great yarn & vintage furnishings.

Above is a scary looking building you pass on the way to (very nicely remodeled)Buck Hall where the classes were held. Remember that old MTV show, "Fear"? I think this would be a perfect place for for an episode of that show. While waiting for my turn in the bathroom one night, I read the history of this place printed inside that room info binder thing you always find on the nightstand. After a history of wireless radio communication, in the late 70's this place was occupied by a rehab center turned religious cult called the Synanon. While they were known for amassing a large cache of weapons & requiring women to shave their heads, they also built these units:

Thankfully, have been remodeled into very nice & peaceful accommodations. The residence rooms are surrounded by a lovely natural garden which made a great backdrop for my yarn acquisition:

Two skeins of Bo-Rage Yarn from Black Valley Artisans. Local sheep -yearling curls died in locks, hand spun and & a matching one that was plyed with hand spun silk. Two skeins of 50/50 mohair/merino hand dyed in a light periwinkle color:

At the Saturday night "Show & Tell, the "Seasocks cruise Dork Earflap hats" made an appearance (And yes, wine was involved). At the show there were gorgeous examples of lace shawls, sweaters, cardigans, and socks but so many people came up and asked us where the pattern came from! (Knit Simple magazine, this month)

Look! It's Blogless Friend B. on the right! Can you believe each hat was made from 3 skeins of the same hand dyed yarn yet with such different results in coloring?

Here, LCK demonstrates her model walk while displaying her WIP, the Kerry Cardigan. Work it girlfriend!

In the class we learned how to make a 'plaid' fabric by constructing a teddy bear sized vest. Below is my first ever steek!

Here's LCK cutting hers. We didn't use a sewing machine to secure the steeks but learned a clever crochet technique (see the green yarn?).

My still unfinished vest modeled by Teddy:

After a delicious lunch in Pt. Reyes (where Prince Charles & Camilla visited in 2005), we returned home. In true Cpurl fashion, I returned home to a pool of cat vomit in the front entryway. I guess they wanted to welcome me home Gangsta Kitty style.


Friday, September 14, 2007

First Fall Harvest

It's still a little warm out west but Fall comes nonetheless in the form so Sheep Shop 2 yarn:

Sheep Shop 2 Bulky Weight
Color G17

I know that bulky girls shouldn't buy bulky yarn but I couldn't resist. I plan to display my bulkiness by knitting the seamless raglan:

And because I'm super cool, I hopped over to Turtlegirl's etsy shop and scored a very clever row counter (they detach) and some cute ABC stitch markers. I can try the Cat Bordhi socks now.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WIP Wednesday

A First Sign Of Fall

And a WIP update on the Everyday Cardigan. I have the back done, the right front and 3/4 of the front left side. After dropping out of the Mystery Stole KAL, it's rather soothing and comforting to knit something so simple. I had been working on baby items with the Cashsoft dk so this Peace Fleece yarn felt rough at first but I love the fabric it makes.


At work we're having a baby shower for a colleague. She is fortunate to have both a large family and large circle of friends so she has already received most of the items on her baby gift registry. At lunch one day she mentioned that she'd like to start a library for her baby to nurture a love of reading and voila! a shower idea was born. Our theme is "Read Me a Story" and we've asked people to bring in their (or their children's) favorite book from childhood.

I had finished the sweater before the theme had been decided and needed buttons. I didn't have time to run to a speciality store so I went to my local Joann's and found some Peter Rabbit Buttons

I stopped by our town's local indie bookseller and bought the baby "The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit"

and knit a little baby bunny hat:

Hat pattern: Bunny Tail from "Itty Bitty Hats"
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft dk
Needles: Addi Turbo, size 7, 16" circular and Brittany Birch size 7 dpns
Knitting Time: One evening

"I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever". --Beatrix Potter

Change one word and and her quote rings true with me:

I cannot rest, I must knit, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever. --Cpurl

Now run along, and don't get into mischief!"-Mrs. Rabbit

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Mean Kitty Song

No WIPs or Yarn today but a video about a mean kitty. Must be a cousin of the gangstas.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Forgive Me Turtlegirl For I Have Flaked...

It's been 8 weeks since my last YP post..

Last week, LCK, Blogless friend B and I were talking about the Seasocks Cruise and how cold it will be in Alaska and decided that we would channel our inner 5th grader and make matching dorky ear flap hats. (The scary thing is that no wine was involved in this decision)

So we all bought the same squishy bubble gum colored yarn:

Aracucania Limari
70% merino wool/20% alpaca/10% silk
11sts=4" on size 13US needles

And made these:

Pattern:Earflap Hat
From: knitsimple fall 2007 issue
Needles: Brittany Birch size 15 & Addi Turbos size 15 circs, crochet hook
Started: 4-Sept 7:00 PM
Finished 4-Sept 9:00 PM (including ice cream break)
(I loved knitting with this yarn.)

So if you're going on the cruise, just look for glamazons, dorks, the three of us wearing matching pink hats.
If you're not going on the cruise, why the heck not? Join us!


Tonight at Knit Night at Knit This Purl That I found this cute little guy B made for the Mother Bear Project:

Bears in the window!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

WIP Wednesday

After my lost Summer, it's good to get back into regular knitting and I was happy to get in some post Mother Bear knitting time over the three day weekend:

Finally got going with my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan--have to catch up with Zknitter! (but I won't bet on it). Knitting with worsted weight wool in 90+ degree heat is a challenge but I had the AC going so I avoided the risk of sweat-felting my project!

And I made a baby cardigan for a colleague at work (still need to buy some buttons):

There's a pucker on the right side that I'm not happy about so I'll try to steam block it out.

Pattern: Raglan Cardigan with Fully Fashioned Shaping
from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfiber, 10% cashmere
Needles: Addi turbos, sizes 7 & 4

And for no reason whatsoever, I give you a kitty in a window:

Let me out of here!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Good-bye Summer!

Blogless friend K and I decided to say good-bye to summer by driving over the hill to the beach. Here's the view from Zelda's in Capitola where we enjoyed a yummy breakfast.

After strolling the villiage we decided to drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay where, hey, there's a yarn shop. Kudos to muggle K for going in with me to have a look around. It's a cute store with lots of Debbie Bliss and Mountain Colors and a great kids button selection but I managed to leave empty handed.

And the end to a perfect day is a near perfect cheeseburger at Kirks Steakburgers.

I also finished my last bear on Friday so that's five bears for the Mother Bear Project: