a dillydallyknitter: November 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

It’s time to play the Cpurl Black Friday Game!!

Feeling Lucky? Killer Shopping Instincts Sharpened? Then Let's Play!

  1. Start at Square One: "Adopt a Family" for Christmas
  2. Scour 5 pounds of "Day After Thanksgiving" Ads – move ahead 3 spaces
  3. Wake up at 3:30 AM and arrive at Mervyn’s on time – Extra Spin!
  4. Get $10 gift card for being one of 250 to enter the store–Skip ahead one space
  5. Bonus Round! Girl leaving store gives you her extra $10 card!
  6. Run around scoring Door Buster bargains– Move ahead 7 spaces
  7. Get ready leave store and realize in a panic that Blackberry is missing lost? stolen? – move back 10 spaces to Penalty Box
  8. Wake up Dad from deep sleep to borrow cell phone and spend the next hour searching for cell phone but to no avail – move back 5 spaces
  9. Check Customer Service 2 times but no phone - move back 2 spaces
  10. Drive home and contact company IT dept to disconnect email link and call AT&T to suspend phone number – Get out of jail, Move 1 space ahead
  11. Miss 40% off first hour only sale at LYS but arrive in time for 20% hour –Move 4 steps back but move 2 steps ahead
  12. LYS Owner feels bad over missing Blackberry and gives you 30% off – move 1 space ahead
  13. Go to Target for more bargains – 3 steps ahead
  14. Go to Costco – score front row parking space – Move 2 spaces ahead
  15. Go to Walmart – buy more stuff and some food for Food Pantry – Move 4 spaces ahead
  16. Go to OSH and get deal on Father’s Christmas gift – Move 3 spaces ahead
  17. Go home take nap – Rest in corner square
  18. Go to Parent’s for Leftovers – Move 1 space ahead
  19. Go back to Mervyn’s to have forgotten sensor removed from a gift – Move back 1 space
  20. Go home, discover Sock Swap package from ZKnitter, go straight to Winner's Circle—YOU WIN!!!!

I think Christmas came early!! Ok, we're both a tad late with the Sock Swap but it was definitely worth the wait!! Look!

The cutest Momma Monkey Sock Bag ever! It puuurfectly matches my lexie barnes bag! Peppermint Bark! An adorable CarrieKnits handmade card and squeeeeeeeeeee, Embossed Leaves socks!!

(Ignore the black and white blur on the right--I couldn't keep the kittehs out of the photo)

Inside the sock bag there was a skein of adorable Yarn Pirate sock yarn in the "Pretty Pirate" colorway that match the Monkey bag and some cute "C" notecards!!

And, oh my, the most gorgeous socks - Embossed Leaves perfectly and I mean PERFECTLY knit in Wollmeise Sockenwolle, Wilder Mohn ("Wild Poppy") colorway.

They fit like a dream! Look at the workswomanship!

Thank you Zknitter!! You're the Bestest!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WIP Wednesday & BlogstalkingV2 All-In-One

Won't bore you this week with my slo-poke progress WIPs but I'm thankful that I have an FO. The Seamless Chunky Raglan is done! It still needs to be blocked out a bit.

Yes, I attended the Bezzie school of evening photography.

This week's BlogstalkingV2 Assignment is "Thanksgiving" and/or, the more globally applicable, "What Are You Thankful For"?

Well, the Gangsta kitties are out carousing and my sister won't be here for Thanksgiving so I'm borrowing her Kittehs to show you that I'm so very grateful that I can

Gather with friends & family :

Enjoy a wonderful feast:

Aww jeez, what's with this vegetarian stuff? I want turkey!

Hang out with those I love:

Don't bother me. Can't you see the Game's on??!?

And enjoy a nice Thanksgiving coma nap :

I'm grateful for my family, my dear friends and supportive colleagues. I'm grateful I'm employed and have a warm home. I'm grateful that I'm healthy and can afford to put food on my table and still have a little left over for luxuries like yarn. I'm grateful for my wonderful knitty friends and the joy that knitting brings me. To you and yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Boy, the fun & hi jinx never stop chez cpurl:
First I knit a Calorimetry out of some Filatura di Crosa 127 Print I bought on sale:
Then I put it on my cat:

Who was not amused.

"Get this thing off of me or I'll pee on your bed"

I finally re attached the sleeves on the Bulky Sweater and am beginning the raglan decreases. I also managed to attach a cat to the bottom. Cats on a sweater are quite the rage this year.

"Does this sweater make me look fat?"

Last week at KTPT, all the Karabella yarns & patterns went on clearance sale at 40% off so I caved and bought some soft, fluffy Karabella Boise (50% super fine merino, 50% cashmere). I'm knitting the Boise Lace Wrap shawl as a gift for my Mother:

Did you know that Zknitter's needle cases are comfy enough for a kitty's sweet head?

"Maybe someday I'll have mad sewing skillz like Zknitter"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

BlogstalkingV2.Assignment9: Junk Drawer

If future archaeologists peer inside this drawer they will see the THREE lint rollers in there and deduce that I'm a crazy cat lady. The pizza coupon I keep using over and over for pizza deliveries will show them that I'm cheap AND lazy. The Soak is a clue that I'm a knitter. I'm not sure what the remote that operates an electronic device I no longer own would tell them. Or the two types of fishing line (I don't fish) .

The Cat Nip Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree:

When Mika enters the room, she's like the kitty Tasmanian devil. The other day she knocked over my stitch marker collection. There are markers by Turtlegirl, Entrelac, Zero and Dulcedosa in the mix:

The links above are to their Etsy shops so it will be easy for y'all over to go and get you some.

Le Droop:

The other night I cast on for Le Slouch but mine doesn't slouch so much.

Malabrigo worsted weight in Stonechat
Cast on 11/8/07
Cast off 11/10/07
But it is comfy and soft and warm.

It slouches just fine on me!!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Look! An FO! My sock swap socks for Zknitter are DONE!!!

Mika jumped on top to hide it until Z gets to see them

I finished the body on my Bulky Cardigan and need to re-finish the sleeves (Seems I got overzealous whilst ripping back and went too far. Twice.)

I think it makes an excellent kitty bed

And my pink legwarmers are .08% complete:

At this rate, they'll be done in time for summer.


Here's my BlogstalkingV.2Assignment.8 answer to the question "What do you have for Breakfast?"

Answer: Coffee. Sometimes, if I really plan really well, I have a breakfast bar. Unless I can score a doughnut or bagel from one of the other departments.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

BSv2. Assignment 7

This week's assignment is "Oldest Photo of You." I don't have the oldest photo of me but this is the oldest photo of me in my house. (Sorry these are photos of photos but my scanner doesn't want to play nice).

8 months old and surrounded by rather large round eyed toys

Not to be left out, here is Cary at about 10 months old. He was adopted by me from a local animal shelter after being rescued from death row from a pound out in the central valley. He was very shy and hid under the bed for several days before he'd come out and sit with me. The shelter thought he'd be better off as an only kitty.

And here is Mika about about 5 months old. She was adopted from an even more local Animal rescue and was the last cat in her litter to be picked.

Now they sleep on my down comforter, eat off porcelain dishes and steal cash out of my purse.

This has nothing to do with old photos, but a few weeks ago I was out with Muggle friends K & J and, I swear this is true, a happy face appeared in our pizza: