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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roller Girls Rule

At the beginning of the year, LCK and I decided that this would be the year of excellent adventures of trying something new. On Saturday night we continued our quest by picking up our friend R and going to the City to watch the Bay City Bombers Roller Derby at Kezar Pavilion.
R, me and LCK waiting for the fun to begin

These ladies are tough

Euw! Crack! Poor LCK had this view sitting in front of her.

Sudden death overtime results in victory lap for the Bombers

R. with a Bomber Girl

"I'm Cary, aka Cat-ATTACK"

Post event wrap up:

Q:Was it what you thought it would be? What was different?
A Cpurl didn’t realize it was co-ed (women skate one round and men skate one round) and it was less violent than she thought it would be. LCK thought some sort of ball was involved in the game. We both thought the crowd was great and having a great time. Neither one of us understood the rules. Cpurl also thought their uniforms would involve rhinestones, skirts and a beadazzler.

Q: How would you rate the souvenir stands?
A: Caps, t-shirts and buttons sold over fold up tables.

Kezar Pavilion was built in 1924 and has an old skool "high-school gym" look. The seats were all old wooden benches.

Q: What would be your Roller Derby name?
A: Cpurl: Purly Skates. LCK: Still thinking about it

Q: How would you rate the hot dogs/concession stands?
A: Hot dogs, aka “Derby dogs” were 4 on a scale of 10. No beer but probably a good idea in old gymnasium full of screaming fans.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up

"Would it kill ya to post to your blog once in awhile?"

Well....not so much going on chez Cpurl. Work's been a little busy and my knitting mojo has been in a funk for awhile.

Making some progress on my February, March, April, May Lady Sweater. I looks like it's almost done but I started the left sleeve and noticed a mistake on the completed and bound off right sleeve. GAH!

It's hard to find but I know it's there so I have to rip back half of the right sleeve and re-knit it.

I loved knitting the body but the sleeves feel like a slog along. And the hank of yarn I wound to use for the sleeves (so I'd have one continuous length of yarn) has not one but two knots in it so far, ugh. But I really enjoy knitting with this yarn so I'll be forgiving.

BMFA Heavyweight in Jasper.

Hopefully I'll finish this soon so I can move on to something new! :)


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