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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Stitched While They Pitched!

Last night Leftcoast and I went to Stitch N Pitch '08 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. While the smart knitters were in line to get Malabrigo, LC and I were busy stuffing our faces with hot dogs and beer so we missed out but did get some free silk yarn and the snazzy and free Stitch N Pitch ball caps:

All my fans were there:

But highlight of the evening was meeting up with Carrieknits!

I got to grill her all about the Snowboarder and her ginormous Blue Moon Fiber Arts collection and she brought me a surprise treat from her recent trip to Blue Moon Fiber Arts! Squee!
It's pink in honor of my 3Day walking and the colorway is called "Hot Flash" and boy does that describe me these days! After hearing how much fun Sock Camp is I have to save my pennies and find a way to make it there next year.

Thank you Carrie!!

Only in San Francisco does one need a hot chocolate in the middle of July. Lucky us--it was Ghiradelli and delicious!

The Bay Area is lucky enough to have two major league teams so I might have to go to the Oakland A's Stitch N Pitch in September...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long Time...No See CPurl

Every weekend for the past several weeks, our walking team has been training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Every weekend the training plan increases the number of miles we walk so the number of hours we walk each weekend also increases. Last weekend we walked 16 miles on Saturday and 11 on Sunday and so far we've logged in over 260 miles. But this past weekend, we happened to have a relatively low mileage target training goal so we took a well deserved break from walking and drove to Dixon on Saturday for the Lambtown festival. Lambtown is a small town affair but we had SO much fun relaxing and knitting and eating junk food!

Hmm, where is the shearing competition?

Recognize the beautiful fibers? It's from Kristine of A Verb for Keeping Warm

We found a nice shady spot with other Ravelers...

...and stocked up on the food essentials.

There were lots of fluffy bunnies. This guy was HUGE but all fluff--he weighed only 8 pounds!

Clearly we had a favorite booth at the fair.

Nannysknits learned to spin on a drop spindle at the festival and couldn't stop!

And today we were up and walking at 6AM....

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