a dillydallyknitter: August 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One Skein Secret Pal Gift

I finally boxed up my last package for my One Skein Secret Pal--I made her the Cabled Footies from One Skein (natch). This is the first knitted item I've ever made for a fellow Knitter so I hope she likes them! I ended up making 3 socks-no, my SP doesn't have 3 feet but the first one was so elfy looking with two big holes at the gusset that I made 2 more and ripped the first one. I cut the decrease rounds so that the toe would be more rounded.

These were made from Mission Falls 1824 yarn 100% superwash Merino wool. I hope she likes them. They're fun to make and a fast knit. After I was done, it felt funny going from size 8 DPNs back to size ones!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's In Your Knitting Bag?

1) I'm a Podcast Ho
2) I love winning yarn & related stuff

Guido at It's a Purl Man is having a drawing for a knitting book. To enter, post a photo & link of your Knitting bag and add a comment or two about what you keep inside.

My knitting bag is actually a large canvas bag with pink trim I bought a few years ago before I became a knitter. (It's a Pink Ribbon item for the Susan G. Komen foundation.) I also have a super groovy Sock Fish bag made for me by the fabulous Zknitter.

When not occupied by Mika, my bag holds my latest project(s), a clear bag full of notions, stitch markers, hand cream, etc., a pencil zip case with stitch holders, cable needles and a nail file, crochet hooks, the Yarn Requirements Guide, my Knitters Companion, a notebook and a bottled water (for when I go to Knit Club).

So, (in my Capital One Visa voice), What's in YOUR knitting bag?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some Feets, Yarn PrØn, and the Emmy's

People with feet issues may need to avert their eyes this week. Bezzie's son, Chunky, suggested that our Blog stalkin' assignment this week be all about da feet.

Penny Karma's daughter, Beebs wants to know what we'll be wearing down the red carpet for the Emmy's. I'll be wearing vintage Dave and Buster's t-shirt and a dusting of donut powdered sugar.

Mika with Poppy, my stuffie.

Poppy and me.

Cary's feet on the paint splattered D&B T-shirt:

It has been suggested that my yarn prØn shots have been rather lacking of late so I give you the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Icehouse that my bookswap pal, Aimee, gave me!:

Shepherd Splendor in the grass...(what's up with the drain in the photo, cpurl?).

And some Gedifra sock yarn I received from my One Skein pal which I think will be perfect for knitting up some socks for the California Hikers Sock Kal (the colors remind me of a redwood forest).
Future sock warmth to cover these feet:

And finally, the feet of my knitting basket (the one holding some of my UFOs)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

My SP07 is Sarah of Curiosity Corseted the Cat!!

I came home and found package on my doorstep! I tried to open the package carefully and photo each gift as I unwrapped them but I couldn't hold back and ripped everything open like a 5-year old kid.

So many gifts they don't fit in one photo!! But inside I unwrapped 2 clear plastic notions bags, Hello Kitty note cards, yummy treats to eat for both knitty and kitty, an adorable darning mushroom, cute kitty magnets, Hello Kitty Holiday notecards, a lovely scented glycerin soap, a MONKEY fizzy bath cupcake, a recipe booklet from Northumbria, and 2 skeins of GORGEOUS Rowan Tapestry yarn and, my favorite of all, Sarah made me a stuffie!!

What could be better for soothing those achy muscles than a good soak in the tub with a Cheeky Chimp Cherry Cupcake bath fizzie?

Northumbria is located in the North East of England--lot's of castles and history and some tasty sounding recipes!

By the time this blog was updated, the Galaxy bar and Butter Fudge had been nibbled into, yum!

I was spared the jar of Marmite, but everyone's favorite knitted terrorist, Glittrgirl, suggested Sarah send me this (and I'll have a tall glass of milk on standby in case this sets my mouth on fire!)

The Gansta Kitties attack the treats!
So I joined the Rowan Club this year and on Thursday night, I was at Knit Club admiring Left Coast Knitter's Rowan No. 39 magazine and wondering when my first magazine would arrive.

On Friday night I received my first Rowan Magazine (No.40) and fell asleep dreaming of all things Rowan yarns. On Saturday, I get 2 balls of a luscious brand new Rowan yarn, Tapestry in a black and grey colourway!! It's 70% wool, 30% soy protein and feels so soft.

And I had to save the Best for last. Sarah made me a stuffie! I let out the biggest "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" when I unwrapped this kitty. I've named her Poppy, after Sarah's cat. She's made out of Debbie Bliss Maya and has green Noro Cash Iroha eyes.

Mika couldn't stay away and started snuggling with the stuffie!

Here, she hugs Poppy.

Poppy has a pink heart. I love her!

Thank you Sarah! You've been a fabulous SP and I've just loved all the wonderful and thoughtful and fun gifts and cards and e-cards that you've sent over the past 3 months!

(I'm off to read your blog and figure out why you were in Houston!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Traveling Women Bookswap!

...or in my case, the Traveling Women LIBRARYswap!

I received the coolest package yesterday from Aimee of She Who Reads as part of the Traveling Women bookswap hosted by Knit the Classics. I received not one, not two but SIX SEVEN books. Oh yes, because today I came home and there was a second package with Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience, Book Three!! Wheeeee!

And she also gifted me with 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces shepherd sock yarn in the Icehouse colorway!! And a black sheep tape measure! (I've been secretly coveting the black sheep for some time now, how did she know!?)

I'm still reeling from this book bounty. Which one to read first...ah, happy decisions.

Thank you Aimee!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Will it Float? The Answers!

The tools used in yesterday's experiment included a tall glass cylinder 16" tall (40.6cm) with an opening 5" (12.7cm), a diet scale and a pair of long tongs (not pictured)

The mini bus keychain:

The can of kitty food:


The dish soap:


The frozen Lean Pocket:


The coffee:


The iPod mini:

The bar of soap:



The cat:

Oh, Hell to the NO!

Conclusions: Don't attempt taking a bath with a cat wearing an iPod.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Will It Float? Will It Float?

Or,"Is it Buoyant?"

Archimedes' principle is the law of buoyancy. It states that "any body partially or completely submerged in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body." The weight of an object acts downward, and the buoyant force provided by the displaced fluid acts upward. If these two forces are equal, the object floats. Density is defined as weight per volume. If the density of an object exceeds the density of water, the object will sink. -Science & Technology Focus

This week's Knittyhead Blogstalkin' assignment takes a scientific bent as attempt to answer that question we've been asking ever since our toddler years in the tub, "Will It Float"?

My Items up for experiment are:

Mini London bus keychain (.95oz/<1g)
Can of Savory Salmon cat food (2.55oz/77g)
Bottle of dish soap (the aroma therapy is supposed to make me feel good about doing the dishes,HA!) (13.30oz/378g)
Frozen Lean Pocket, Pepperoni & cheese flavor (4.8oz/136g)
Sealed bag of Peet's Coffee, Major Dickason's Blend, ground (12.8oz/363g)
Pink iPod mini (2.55oz/77g)
Bar of soap (8.05oz/229g)
A blob of Jello (3.15oz/89g)
This cat. (About 9 pounds/4.09kg)
Off to run some errands so I'll post the results later.............