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Monday, October 06, 2008


Well hello there!

This past weekend, a group of us attended the annual Skein Lane Studio's Retreat at the Marconi center near Pt Reyes. There are about 40-50 knitters who attend every year and it's a weekend of knitting, class, knitting, eating, knitting, show 'n tell, knitting, drinking wine, knitting.

At Marconi Center: Sunbny, me, Josie, LCK, and Nannysknits

On the way up, some of us stopped at a pre-retreat event at Windrush Farm to take a felted button class and we got to wander around the farm and visit sheep, cows, goats, alpacas, dogs and cat who live there!

The contented expression of this fellow says that LCK has a very calming touch!

He may be a bit grungy now, but look what's inside!

My felted buttons were fun to make but I liked them better before I cut them.

At Marconi--
Melissa Leapman was a very funny and entertaining teacher (and she looks great in cabled things). She drew my number in the prize draw (2 skeins of soft alpaca yarn) so I love her even more!
Our class project was making a small cabled throw pillow from a soon to be released book called Continuous Cables and for the first time ever, I actually finished a Class project when I got home! I forgot to take a photo of it, but I finished it!

The lovely and sweet Marisol from Purls Just Wanna Have Fun was there. I think she knits in her sleep because at Show & Tell, she had a pile of beautiful knits and all were completed this past year!! She brought this Wild Wild West shawl, and the entire room went OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!

Do not adjust your screen--I forgot to turn on the flash setting and so my Show N Tell photos didn't come out very well but here's a blurry photo of 3 of Team Unraveled in our matching Koolhaas hats. Showing up to the Retreat in matching hats is getting to be a tradition for us!

Josie also showed her pretty Sugar Bunny Blvd Pink ribbon socks and LCK and Nannysknits showed off beautiful cabled cardigans while Sunbny and I knit furiously on our pillows trying to keep up with the class.

Knitting cables requires concentration. I got so crabby trying to knit the first row of the chart that I think my travel companions wanted to spike my coffee with sedatives. Luckily we had plenty of wine, chocolate and chips on hand.

This was my second retreat and I had a great time!! Next year's teachers are Sally Melville and Nancy Bush and we already put down our deposit. Come and join us, you'll have a great time!

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