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Monday, June 16, 2008

WWKIPing for the Cure

On Saturday, Team Unraveled, had the opportunity to use a free booth space at our local Farmer's Market

Pre Market Calm

Because the booth was free of charge to us, we were not allowed to sell anything but we could collect donations and talk about our fundraising efforts.

Our LYS made up a sock kit "Bobbles for Boobies" with the net proceeds going to our team fundraising. I brought the pair I had knit up so as a sample pair for other knitters to see. (LOOK! AN FO!)

And of course, we combined fundraising with WWKIP!

We met a lot of wonderful people and many shared their stories about loved ones who have been affected by or lost to cancer but by far, the best part of staffing the booth all day was talking to the Survivors who came up to us thanked us for doing the Walk.
At the end of the market, we were still smiling and ready for lunch. And the tip jar was FULL!
See the bunting hanging above our heads? It's knitted! We're going to keep knitting and adding pennants and then take it to the 3Day camp to decorate out tents.

On Saturday night I started adding the initials of those who we will walk in honor of or in memory of.
We're using the pattern I saw on the Craft Magazine blog by Green Mountain Mama and all scraps of yarn in shades of, you guessed it, pink!! If you'd like to add a pennant, please let me know and I'll pm you a mailing address.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

And We're Walking, and We're Walking,... and We're Stopping.

I'm a bad blogger of late because, since we're getting to higher numbers in our 3Day training, all I do is walk, sleep, walk, work, walk, work, walk, work, knit, work, walk walk walk.

Last Saturday we got our sorry behinds out of bed at 4:30AM to be in San Francisco by 6:30 AM for a training walk. So did 275 other walkers. I'll bet the neighbors were thrilled with the pre-walk safety talk and cheering.

I'm not used to being with so many women who are NOT knitters but I think the woman who gave the safety/pep talk was wearing a Koolhaas hat!

Here we are in our sleepy, make-up less pre-walk glory. Little did we know what we were about to face. Let's just say San Francisco = HILLS.
We even had some Doggies walkin' for the cause.

So, we've been training consistently as a team (except for the Alaska cruise) but this course kicked our @ss! It was (only) 10 miles long but we had to go up some very steep hills and by the end my feet were screamin'.

Some inspiration along the way:

Friends of Turtlegirl sunning themselves in Golden Gate park:

Buffalo (or are they Bison?) in Golden Gate park:After the walk we went to the 3Day Expo. I was too tired to take any more photos but I did take a shot of our future home.
After the drive back and a nice refreshing lunch at Chilis, THIS is how I felt when I got home:

Tomorrow we're manning a booth at our local Farmer's Market to KIP and (hopefully)get some donations for our team fundraising. If you're in my area tomorrow, stop by and knit with us!

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