a dillydallyknitter: August 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer, I Hardly Knew Ye

I'm in a fiber funk. I haven't much time for knitting this summer and haven't signed up for any new KALs or Swaps so it's been pretty boring in Cpurl World. I've only knit one out of the Rockin' Sock kits and we just received our 4th kit this week. I'm a Mystery Stole drop out (the stress of keeping up was getting to me) and this is the second month I haven't been able to post anything to Socktopia or SAM. Sigh.
Lucky for me, my Sock Swap Pal Part Deux buddy, ZKnitter is understanding (and also busy!)

But I have been doing some simple projects and that's okay.

I'm working on the Blue Sky Alpaca Rectangle Stole (why look, I believe I photographed it wrong side out):

And I'm making a simple baby cardigan for an expecting colleague at work using some Rowan Cashsoft DK I scored in a half price sale (she doesn't know the sex of the baby):

Our LYS is spending Wednesday nights this August knitting bears for the Mother Bear Project. This is a good reminder when I need to remember there are starving kitties in Iraq. (See Bezzie's post from Monday)

Bear #1

Bear #2 (her face is a little scary so I re-did it after the photo shoot)

Click here to see photos of us knitting away! The shop has set a goal of 100 bears for Africa by Christmas time...(You're singing the 'Feed the World' song now aren'tcha?). I'm on my 4th bear so I guess I'm making a little knitting progress after all!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Finally there's a light at the end of the work tunnel and life is slowly returning to normal. The Gangsta Kitties have taken down the "Have You Seen Me?" missing posters.

I did manage to do a few things whilst in prison, detention , the office working long hours:

I met Amy Singer at a class she taught at Purlesence. Although I brought a camera, I became too shy to ask to take her photo but she signed my "No Sheep for You" book and was very funny and entertaining and very much the kind of person you'd love to go have a beer with and just hang (and knit). While there, I spent the last $$$ I had on a gift card on this:

A Lexie Barnes knitting bag and I love it.

Let's see what else...I finally read the last Harry Potter book two weeks after the rest of the world.

I received my Sockapalooza socks and they are adorable Monkey Socks in a very pretty and cushy colorway!

Thank you Dawn!

I also saw the Harry Potter movie about a month after the rest of the world, in semi-3-D IMax.

I finally finished my Sockapalooza 4 socks to send off to my poor downstream sockless pal.

Retro Rib Stitch from Favorite Socks, in Claudia Hand Paint, Color "Buckeye 006", Brittany Birch Size 2 needles.

I celebrated LCK's birthday with Blogless friend BD & husbands (I'm the 5th wheel)at an outdoor picnic/movie at a local Winery:
(Birthday girl is the one in the tiara)

My sister came to visit and we got went out for some much needed pedicures:

And, exhausted and desperate for a vacation, I plunked down a deposit to go on this:

Sea Socks '08!

Amy Singer! Mama E! Crissy Gardiner! and Brenda Dayne!

And if that group isn't enough, when I read that LadyLungDoc is going..well the deal was sealed.

I can't wait.