a dillydallyknitter: February 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

YPF: My Blue Period

Normally I gravitate towards red yarns but this year at Stitches I kept picking up hanks of blue.
First the denim Acero for the shawl and then this:

I kept circling, circling, picked it up twice and put it back and then could resist no more and bought a sweater's worth of blue Duet at the Brooks Farm booth.

It's a like a deep blue river.

So why is this cat, who tried to crawl in that hat, looking so sad? Because in less than 24 hours that hat and the head that wears it will be in Maui!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

There's Life Outside of Knitting...

As if Stitches wasn't enough, I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Quilt Show with some muggle friends last Sunday.

Professional auctioneers Pete and "Sleepy" work the crowd to bid higher.

My friend's Mom in front of one of her quilts. She specializes in Asian inspired quilts and has fabrics in her stash from a name well known by knitters, Kaffe Fasset!

I even bid on and won a quilt pieced with vintage fabrics and a some modern. It was so much fun bidding and watching others bid! (I couldn't get a good lighting for a photo the colors IRL are much prettier )

Here's a very lucky kitty named Skippy who found a home at my friend's Mom's cozy house!


On the knitting side, I don't have much to show for WIP Wednesday but I did cast on a shawl using one of my Stitches acquisitions from Brooks Farm:
The colorway is darker blue than it looks in the first photo and looks more like dark denim.

I'm making the Magic Shawl that was hanging in the Brooks Farm booth, in the medium size. The pattern calls for 2 skeins of Acero, superwash wool 60%, silk 20%, viscose 20%.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back From Stitches

Tired. Broke. Happy.

More to come but here are a couple of highlights:

I got to take a class with Nancy Bush and got to see and fondle all those vintages socks in real life.

At a booth promoting the Mother Bear Project, I saw my own bear as a "booth bear" before taking her trip to Africa:

LeftCoastKnitter was the enabler. Signature needles with stilletto tips. Too pretty and smooth to resist:

The long line to the Friday night Fashion Show. Like the line to get into Stitches. Or the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth. Or the woman's room during the breaks. My lucky totem:

And I may, just may, finally have a few skeins of yarn to show off in upcoming YPFs!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cary, whose fur forms a perfect heart at the base of head when he sits up would like to wish you and your fuzzy friends a Happy Valentine's Day.

"and the front of me is pretty cute too!"

I started a heart themed square for my afghan project but forgot to take a photo so my Valentine today is a photo I took these week for my Project 365 challenge:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vet Visits & WIP Wednesday

As you know, there hasn't been a whole lot of knittin' going on lately but I have eeked out 2.9 afghan squares (I'll post a better photo after they're blocked):

And few more inches on the Boise Shawl:

Namaste has come out with some groovy new bags and, as we all know, it's not what you knit, it's how good your knits look while your carrying them around that counts:

$60 bucks y'all.

Today the Gangsta kitties had a visit to the Vet's office for their annual booster shots. I took them in two separate carriers but Mika jumped in with Cary while we waiting for a second temperature reading:

"Oww, Mika you're stepping on my paw..get. off. me."

"iz skared carewee!"

"It's okay kid, we'll get her back. I found her Weight Watchers score card"

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Monday, February 04, 2008

MY Blog Makes Me Yawn!

I've been seeing a lot of "Smile" awards around the knitting blogs lately and decided that my blog was feeling left out and so I awarded myself the:

It takes a special talent to create a blog that doubles as an instant cure for insomnia. I like to think of it as a special public serivce to those who cannot afford an Ambien prescription. Sure, it would be easy to update you with beautifully knitted objects, but in world where it's taking me a week to knit one afghan square, even that progress would be a snore!

In the spirit of giving, I'll award this to 10 people whose blogs are equally dull and uninspiring:

1. Left Coast Knitter - Dude. Update your blog. Rhinebeck was so last year.

2. Bezzie - No, her blog isn't boring but she wins everything so I had to include her.

3. Ummmm. Ok, no one in my Bloglines has a boring blog but feel free to award yourself if you're feeling dull or you like photos of cute babies yawning.

So, while the blog is dull, life has been good of late:

On Superbowl Sunday, while many were watching a football game and subjected to lame commercials, I was at MamaC's Yarn Swap & Knitting Frenzy:

Checking out the yarn up for swap. One knitter's trash stash is another knitter's treasure!

Of course there was delicious pot luck:

And the lovely Left Coast Knitter keeping guard over some cool Noro yarn she scored by spiking my Mimosa and tripping me as I ran towards the pile of fiber. Next to her is some my score: some Queensland Kathmandu Aran and vintage Peer Gynt sock yarn.

I've also been busy with my Project 365 photo challenge. This represents my January:

Project 365 January 2008

Zonda sent me some blogging mojo so hopefully I'll back more often to bore amuse you!