a dillydallyknitter: September 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I made the ugliest Katrina KAL square the other day. So ugly I had to share it with others--sort of like when smell something awful and you make a funny face and then stick the offending object in the face of the person with you and say, "Euw...smell this". As if they need to share in your olfactory horror.

So, on to a more cheery topic: 2 more days and I join the ranks of the unemployed. So when you hear the announcer on the news drone, "New jobless claims went up by X% today", think of me...I'm the X.

Top 5 things to look forward to while being unemployed:
5) More time to sleep in
4) More time to read
3) More time to watch Oprah and think about getting Involved in a worthy cause
2) More time to work on blog
1) More time to KNIT

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Feeling Neglected, Spoiled Cats Learn to Knit

Cary, local Knitting Kitty, demonstrates how to block some afghan squares he whipped up for the Knitty Knit Along Katrina Squares project. Cary, a self taught knitter, has taken up the needles for this worthy cause.

"Maybe if we help HER out, we can get some attention around here" he said. "These days we're lucky if we get fed on time."

Taking a deep sigh he continues, "The other day she tried to teach me how to vacuum the house and I'm not having any of THAT."

Meanwhile, his sister Mika tests out balls of yarns for pillow comfort. So far, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran seems to be the best. Sometimes Mika busts into HER stash and hides balls of yarn all over the house in a desperate cry for attention.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Knittyheads Unite!

Knit afghan squares or toys for Warm Up America!

Today was my first knitting class (series of 4) to learn how to make a sweater. The teacher is wonderful and I'm going to look forward to making the sweater leap.

After I came home, I was surfing through knitty's coffeeshop and found that one of the knittyheads, Ali, has started a special blog for a group of Knitty.com readers who have joined together to knit as many afghans and toys possible by October 1 for victims of Hurricane Katrina. I literally shot off the sofa, hopped in the car and drove over to Michael's to get some Lion Brand Wool-Ease so I could get started.

Please visit http://aliknits.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Ali--You ROCK!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Knitting dishcloths on the train….

A few days ago I started knitting dishcloths on the commuter train I take into the City every day from the ‘burbs. I’m reading “Knitting Heaven and Earth” by Susan Gordon Lydon. The book talks about the emotional ties we have to our handcrafts and I think this need to knit something as basic and simple as a dishcloth is my reaction to the watching the horrors of the Hurricane stories as well as changes in my personal world (my job is being eliminated at the end of this month). The feel of the cotton, so basic and clean, turning into something so common in the home is comforting to me. So I sit on the train and knit my worries away… one dishcloth at a time

Monday, September 05, 2005

Kitty Pi, Oh My!

Hmm, not so good on keeping up with the posts...make that any posts (I wanted my moniker to be "procrastiknitter" but that was already taken). It's been a little busy in my personal world...more on that later. My big accomplishment, knitting-wise, is the completion of not one, but TWO Kitty Pi beds! And, even more amazing to me is that the little fur balls are actually using them!