a dillydallyknitter: April 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Under the Sea...

Under the sea, under the sea
Darling it's better down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we're devoting full time to floating
Under the sea,

But I had a coupon! Fromthe STR rock club and it was burning a hole in my pocket so here are my sea related purchases:


Lunasea (with Mika legs)

And finally, Stormy Weather

Last but not least is the yarn I received for this month's shipment, Walking On the Wild Tide:
It's got silk blended in and is soooooooooooooo soft. I think there's a new clapotis in my future.
And, as many of you know, the Blue Moon ladies always put a note inside the club sock band:
Bladder-fucus: n : common black rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure [syn: blacdderwrack, black rockweed, tang, Fucus vesiculosus ]

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Saturday morning cell phone call:
Cpurl's sister: Where are you going?
CPurl: I'm on my way to meet LeftCoastKnitter and (blogless friend) Betts. We're going to the Fairgrounds. There's an Alpaca show.
Cpurl's Sister: (heavy sigh) Are you going to buy more wool?
Cpurl: No it's an alpaca show.
Cpurl's Sister: So you're going to buy a goat?
Cpurl: No it's an alpaca show.
Cpurl's Sister: Whatever.

In all honesty, we didn't really know much about alpacas other than they make soft yarn. When we got to the parking lot gate, there was a $6.00 parking charge for the Quilt Show but free parking for the Alpaca show. Perhaps a foreboding that there would not be a lot of yarn at the show since anyone would know you could charge knitters double to park near yarn.

Inside there were, well, many alpacas:

This little lady had just been shorn and seemed a little embarrassed. However, when it got over 90 deg that day, I bet she had the last laugh:

LCK made a friend at the show:

This guy had 'tude:

"Yes, I'm one sexy beast"

We didn't stay long because there wasn't much yarn or fleece to paw through but we did learn about alpacas. After the show, we ended up, you guessed it, at a Mexican restaurant sharing a pitcher of margaritas. Then we went over to our LYS for a little afternoon knitting.


Late Saturday night I finished my April Socktopia Sock Challenge "Move Your Fanny" socks.

"Yes, I'm one sexy beast"

Part of the challenge is to take a photo of the socks in action:

These were shortie socks but I used less than half of the 100g skein.

Pattern: Fanny by Gigi Silva for Socktopia.net
Yarn: TOFUtsies by SWTC #718
Needles: Knit Picks options, size 1 DPNs
Deviation from pattern:I used the alternate heel provided with the pattern and a conventional (vs. short row) toe.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From Pearly Whites to CPurly Delights

The seemingly endless saga of my dental woes continues and today was another round in the chair (only 1 shot on the pain-o-meter & 15 minutes of nitrous). I passed the time listening to Lime & Violet on the iPod and hoping I'd get out of there in time to make it to the post office so I could hand in my package notice and pick up THIS:


And OMG, I can't believe what I found inside. I'm still reeling.

No Sheep for Me! And a Lantern Moon silk project bag and a lovely hand crafted drawstring bag with a divider pocket inside! There's a red pen, chocolates and a Soak packet I've been dying to try and tin of some great smelling Bee Bar lotion--perfect for my dry knitter's hands.

Beautiful turquoise glass bead stitch markers:And then, the yarn:

Regia bamboo sock yarn in a fun jewel toned colorway:
A gorgeous skein of deep blue sport weigh yarn from Kindred Spirits
Two skeins of Misti Alpaca baby alpaca lace yarn in a pretty, pretty red and oh, soooooooooo soft
And two words that make my heart beat faster, "Fleece Artist". In Ruby Red.

I'm gobsmacked at the all the yarny goodness. Truly. I feel so spoiled. I don't even feel the dental pain anymore! Thank you Spring Fling SP!!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

TGIF Yarn Post

Take Two

Last night I pre-loaded these photos at home so I could add the comments in later but must have hit "publish" instead of "save as draft" thereby depriving you of my usual witty comments.

So this is Little Bunny Foo Foo yarn that I had to by after seeing it on Nathania's blog and knew I must have because a yarn called Little Bunny Foo Foo is impossible to pass up.

Little pink bunny ears:

And when faced with making a choice choice between strawberry and chocolate, the correct answer is BOTH!

This is the 100% Pure Wool yarn that Zonda had tucked inside my Noni bag:

Looks good enough eat and I wish we had feel-O-vision on our blogs because it's sooooo soft.
And I'll leave you with this little ear worm:

Little Bunny Foo Foo
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head
Down came the good fairy and she said

"Little Bunny Foo Foo,I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head
I'll give you three chances
And if you don't behave
I'll turn you into a goon"

And the very next day....

Little Bunny Foo Foo
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head

Down came the good fairy and she said
"Little Bunny Foo Foo,
I don't want to see you
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head
I'll give you two more chances
And if you don't behave I'll turn you into a goon

And the very next day...

Well you know the rest..

A Tale of Two Nonis, Chapter 2

After spending some time at Zonda's House of Style (kind of like going to rehab, except with more yarn), Cool Pink flew First Class across the country and returned home.

She quickly unpacked and demanded an Appletini.

She showed off her fabulous crystal manicure:

And pedicure...

And, a few drinks later, relaxed and showed what she had tucked inside...

A cute set of "C" note cards and a clever insert in which she can store her cell phone, lipsticks, etc. and

The cutest needle holder, evah

"Just look at my adorable lining!" Better than lipo!

Happy to be home (and a little sloshed) Cool Pink takes a nap and dreams of meeting up with Hot Pink again while murmuring, "There'll always be Paris...North Carolina"

P.S. There was YARN in there too...but that will show up on a YPF.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Randomness

You know you're off to a good work day when you get to work and have this:

And the sad thing is that I'll probably go home, forget about the hole, wash the sock and put it on again. And when I do, it will be on a day I'm running late or out of clean dress socks and I'll end up wearing it again.

Over the weekend *LeftCoastKnitter (and yes, she finally updated her blog) came with me to cruise a few yarn shops under the guise of shopping for my Secret Pal. (You know, one for me, one for my SP, two for me, and maybe I'll keep this and give something else to my SP).

On the way there, the heavens decided to pour torrential rain down on us and my windshield wipers were in overdrive. "Focus woman, it's for YARN" Or at least that's what I think she said. Anyhoo, we made it to Purlescence (their yarn selection is getting even better and better. I wish I lived closer. Or in the back room). Commuknity and finally to Knit This, Purl That to sit and knit.

Last weekend, at Tricoter, I bought a couple of Noni bag patterns:
I want to make the shoulder bag for moi:

And my sister wants a tote (in black and grey stripes) without the flowers:

So while we were at Commuknity, I found a shade of brown in Cascade 220 in a colorway called, and I kid you not, Dyke Brown. LCK saw it too so I know it's not just me. We had no idea why this particular shade of brown would be so named but it's going to be the color of my new bag. They didn't have enough hanks there so I bought it at Knit This Purl That (where the color was just labeled with a number).

Back at home, I still was perplexed at the color name so I googled and discovered that the color is really called Vandyke brown. Vandyke brown is a "transparent brown pigment containing usually over 90% of organic matter" Euw. But that's not what we saw on the label I swear.

Saturday, I finished my Socktopia socks for April:

It's in the Orange You Glad I Didn't say Banana? theme. Knit in KnitPicks Simple Stripes I got 300 years ago in a swap with Turtlegirl and proof that I do occasionally knit from my stash.

Speaking of Turtlegirl, here's an orange kitty, WeeBee, who looks like he's crashed out after a drunken binge at a Frat party:

Normally he looks more like this:
Oh wait. I didn't mean to imply that Turtlegirl has been seen crashed out after a drunken binge at a Frat party. It's just that she has cute orange kitties and my sister has a cute orange kitty and....oh well, nevermind.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Seattle Yarn Pr0n

Overheard at the Weaving Works.
Cpurl's Mom: "You never knit me socks."
Cpurl: "Well, I've offered several times to make you socks but you were not interested"
Cpurl's Mom: "Oh. My feet get cold at night"
Cpurl: "Would you like me to knit you some socks?"
Cpurl's Mom: "Ok"
So we picked out Colinette Jitterbug in the Plum Plum Colourway:

We also looked through the store copy of IK's "Favorite Socks" and picked out a pattern. She liked the one that's on the cover.

Ever since I saw Panda Cotton on Zknitter's blog, I've been wanting to try it and was happy to find it at "So Much Yarn". Incidentally, knowing Zknitter is like having a personal yarn shopper. Whenever I want to find a cool new yarn to try, I just mosey on over to her blog. Don't believe me? Check out what she has posted today.

In other news, I have a feeling that the chats chez cpurl are not in favor of their new organic, wheat gluten, melamine and rat poisen free cat food. Or they could be upset that I put one of their placements upside down.