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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From Pearly Whites to CPurly Delights

The seemingly endless saga of my dental woes continues and today was another round in the chair (only 1 shot on the pain-o-meter & 15 minutes of nitrous). I passed the time listening to Lime & Violet on the iPod and hoping I'd get out of there in time to make it to the post office so I could hand in my package notice and pick up THIS:


And OMG, I can't believe what I found inside. I'm still reeling.

No Sheep for Me! And a Lantern Moon silk project bag and a lovely hand crafted drawstring bag with a divider pocket inside! There's a red pen, chocolates and a Soak packet I've been dying to try and tin of some great smelling Bee Bar lotion--perfect for my dry knitter's hands.

Beautiful turquoise glass bead stitch markers:And then, the yarn:

Regia bamboo sock yarn in a fun jewel toned colorway:
A gorgeous skein of deep blue sport weigh yarn from Kindred Spirits
Two skeins of Misti Alpaca baby alpaca lace yarn in a pretty, pretty red and oh, soooooooooo soft
And two words that make my heart beat faster, "Fleece Artist". In Ruby Red.

I'm gobsmacked at the all the yarny goodness. Truly. I feel so spoiled. I don't even feel the dental pain anymore! Thank you Spring Fling SP!!



At 7:08 PM, Blogger KnitChick said...

Holy Cow!! I think your pal wins the prize for best SP!!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger IrishGirlieKnits said...

WOW!!!! That is some spoiling! I guess if you have to go to the dentist...at least you had something like that to come home too!! Seriously, what do you pick first to work on! Enjoy!

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Zonda said...

Awesome goodies there!!! Ahem..who said you can have red?? LOL! Glad the dental stuff wasn't too bad though! :)

At 4:27 AM, Blogger Bezzie said...

Oh wow!!! What a great SP!

At 5:42 AM, Blogger sgeddes said...

Waht a great SP! that ought to take that tooth pain away!

Looks like a really nice/fun package.

At 5:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHOA! Lucky you! The Bamboo colorway looks awesome. I can't wait to see what it will look like once you get it knitted up. Congrats on your package!

At 5:54 AM, Blogger Jo said...

Wow - I cannot believe that package - you are one lucky girl ;)

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi SP! I'm glad you like your yummy yarn. Sorry to hear about the dental stuff...I'm also going through it now myself! :) Yarn and chocolate takes away the pain, right? Happy Knitting to you !
Spring Fling Pal :)

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

I've spent more than my fair share this lsat month in the chair-ughhh. But going home to that package would help.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great package to come home to!

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Ooooooo, what an awesome package!!! Yeah, that makes up for the dentist time!

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Wow, that must have made up for having to go to the dentist! What a great package.


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