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Monday, October 10, 2005

Weaselrina is my soul sister..

..'cuz she's done guessed my lie AGAIN!!

True: The first time I ever attended a Knitting Group, my photo ended up in the local paper.

Two weeks ago I found a knitting group that meets in my home town so I showed up to check it out. A reporter and photographer from a small local paper were there that night to interview one of the long attending members. The article was about knitting groups and the surge in popularity with knitting—and I, a member of 20 whole minutes, got the biggest photo! Note to self: next time wash your hair and wear some make up.

False: An avid hiker, my biggest achievement so far was climbing Mt. Rainer in Washington state last year.

I was at Mt. Rainer last summer—but in a car and no where near the top.

Before assuming a career in advanced couch potato, I did like to hike but the highest I ever made it was Half Dome in Yosemite.

True: I’m fluent in American Sign Language

Well, this is somewhat fibby in that my skills are rusty but I did become quiet fluent in ASL and even did some volunteer work with deaf high school students.

True: In high school I took Drivers Ed with the owner of our new LYS and was the worst driver

As Suzanne, co-owner of our LYS, says, it was always fun when it was my turn to drive because you never knew what was going to happen.

True: Feeling guilty, I once climbed back halfway up a rock in Arizona to return an arrowhead to a former Native American home site.

Even though I was not on federally or state protected land when I found the arrowhead, I felt that it belonged back at the original site and not to me so I climbed back up and put it back.


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