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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Once again Weaselrina has me figured out!

Lie: I have over 300 figurines in my Hummel collection
Although I love collecting things, and have been accused of hoarding mass quantities of German christmas ornaments in my garage, there are no Hummels in my house

Truth: I once became so addicted to QVC that I know all the hosts by name. And oh so very very sad indeed but hey, where else can you buy a Karcher power washer on sale at 3AM from the comfort of your own bed in 15 seconds flat.

Truth: I have never seen an episode of the Simpsons. How I missed out on this cultural phenomenon is beyond me. Maybe the timeslot conflicted with Pimp My Ride.

Truth: My sister worked at a Sanrio store and was forced to dress up as Hello Kitty –One year they had a store promo and my sister was the only one short enough and small enough to fit inside the kitty costume. She reported that it was hot and stuffy inside the big cat head and for months afterwards, she had to sit with her feet straight out and her head turned sideways.

Truth: I serve on the volunteer committee at a woman’s shelter – this is true. After I was laid off (is there a cloud of doom over my head???) 2 years ago, I felt that I could use some of my free time toward helping others and put my personal situation in perspective by volunteering at the nearby woman’s shelter. Except that, every time there was a volunteer “job” opportunity, I’d get a job interview! I hope the good karma continues now that I’m back in the job market again. There are some amazing and powerful women out there who work very hard to overcome tremendous obstacles and, often addictions, to put their lives and children’s lives back on track.
Last night, Mika wound some yarn for me. It's going to become the loopy scarf from Knitty.


At 4:12 PM, Blogger RheLynn said...

;o) on the kitty! Mine *help* out a lot too.


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