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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lie uncovered!

The Weaselrina--has uncovered the lie! Let's see what truths she can weasel her way out of!

1. I once lived in a home featured on a historical homes tour - I lived, as a renter, for a year in Rudy Vallee's old house in Felton, CA. He was a singer from the 20's famous for being a "crooner" (think Bing Crosby. Alas, one year we had torrential rain and the home almost slid down the hill so the owner moved back in to deal with the mess and I moved to Scott's Valley.

2. I've played a bellhop in a car commercial - in Japan, I played a carhop for a Suzuki car commercial. My "acting" was to look shocked at how all these tall models could fit in such a tiny car.

3. I had a home video about my cat, Cary, shown on America's Funniest Home Videos- This is a lie, while I AM a crazy cat lady, I don't have any television worthy footage (yet) of the little furball.

4. After being injured while training for a Marathon, I was treated by Barry Bonds orthopedic surgeon - I did Team in Training one year and got injured doing a half marathon. One of my fellow slow as a turtle runners, lived next door to a Stanford physician and got me an appt. with this doctor. The injury ended my short-lived running career.

5. I was set up on a blind lunch date with a local TV sportscaster - yes, it was a awkward lunch that I think we both agreed to just so we could shut the matchmaker up.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger weaselrina said...

Back atcha :) you had the right lie so you are up again!


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