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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I made the ugliest Katrina KAL square the other day. So ugly I had to share it with others--sort of like when smell something awful and you make a funny face and then stick the offending object in the face of the person with you and say, "Euw...smell this". As if they need to share in your olfactory horror.

So, on to a more cheery topic: 2 more days and I join the ranks of the unemployed. So when you hear the announcer on the news drone, "New jobless claims went up by X% today", think of me...I'm the X.

Top 5 things to look forward to while being unemployed:
5) More time to sleep in
4) More time to read
3) More time to watch Oprah and think about getting Involved in a worthy cause
2) More time to work on blog
1) More time to KNIT


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